Monday, June 10, 2013

Hermana Rohm, June 3, 2013

Hi friends and fam!! It's been GREAT to chat with all of you today!! Best day of the week. But actaully me and hermana walton every ten minutes are saying "best day ever!!" like how today we bought ice cream at wal mart for the apartment. or when we pull into a parking spot that we can just pull out of and we dont have to stand like the classic missionary outside of the car and back them!! haha oh the life of a missionary. so i dont have much time today so im just gonna hit the highlights! hope thats alright with everyone :)

Ah yes, so preface. my companion is hermana blauer and hermana walton (the other visa waiter) is companions with hermana walker. but blauer and walker are the sister trainging leaders so they go off and do exchanges. and tuesday was one of those days! so walton and i were on bikes and it was a blast-- i felt like a legit missionary!! pic to come. at one point we were just sitting in a field, in the middle of louisiana, reading our spanish book of mormons and i said, "did you ever think this would be your life?" haha it's awesome. we also helped one of our young woman pack for girl's camp- oh and we get to go to girls camp on wednesday!! i am so excited! just for an evening but it's going to be awesome.And also that night we taught english class and the sweet students brought this cake for hermana walker's bday it was SO good. the spanish specialty is called tres leches (3 milks) its the best cake ever. with peaches in it and chocolate covered strawberries on it :) 

also when they go on exchanges a different sister comes here so we had sister pike join us! she was great. she even picked up a few spanish phrases. and on the way back from dropping her off we decided to try a po-boy sandwich, since its a louisiana specialty after all. i have never really regretted eating anything.....except for that. it was like french fries and mayo and some sauce im not entirely sure what was going on with it. anyway, that's the po-boy! 
thursday we had "specialized trainging" its where the Mission President comes down and teaches us all and it was so good. He shared the disney short "Johnny Appleseed" and it was darling. if y'all get a chance you should watch it! it parallels to missionary work perfectly. we spent the rest of night in the ER because my companion has some migraine issues, not the finest night of my life. but hopefullly things will start to look up for her headaches! 

saturday we did a ton of service! we cleaned the church for about 3 hours, we literally cleaned the floor in the gym on our hands and knees because there was only one mop. i literally felt like annie the orphan lol! then we went and helped this man called Mr. Dave. oh the paragrpahs i could write about this man! he's a louisana native but says the drunk stork must have dropped him off because he belongs on the west coast. haha and he is an EXTREME HOARDER. So we did some service at his house. He had about 450 water bottle lids surrounding his sink and on his window sill and i asked him if he was doing an art project and he said they were for his cats so that they wouldnt climb on the window sill-crazy things like that. but he let us throw them away! and underneath them was dead BUGS. so i sprayed the heck out of them and got his kitchen lookin good. he said we were angels sent to him. he also took a picture of us and said he was gonna send it to "mr. romney to show him how his people are blessing his life." hahhaha. he also had about enough plastic bags saved to cover wal-mart for a solid 3 months and so we got to throw away a TOOON of those. he was relly gracious and it was really fun to help him out. minus the bugs crawling around.....
yesterday we got a new invetogator!! her name is berta and she has the cutest little 2 year old son who was dancing all around the room he was darling. and she is pretty excited to learn about the gospel- i love people like that! i cant wait to teach her more this week. 

well i gotta go but thank you all so much for your support and LOVE! I love to hear from ya and share stories :) just know that this church is true and that we see so many miracles. its amazing! 
have the best week! yo se que la iglesia de jesucristo es verdadera y que podemos regresar con Dios mediante la expiacion y fe en jesucristo. estoy muy agradecida para este conocimiento :) 

con mucho amor,
hermana rohm

Claire's Apartment

Walking through Louisiana

Claire being cute eating Watermelon

She is a classic Missionary!

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