Monday, June 10, 2013

Claire in Louisiana, Monday June 10th 2013 Update

Hi Everyone! I apologize for the lack in posts.. Here is a catch up on Claire in Baton Rouge, Louisiana! She is doing so great and loving her time there while waiting for her Visa. She is in a Spanish Ward and sounds like she is doing a great job picking up the language and serving all of the members. Her family is so proud of her! Love you Claire! 

hey y'all! thanks for all the emails! (we ask at thebeginnign of english class for words they saw this week that they have questions with and someone goes up to the board and writes y'all! haha) 

What a crazy week! We had so many cool experiences and opportunities this week! So last monday we went  down to the french market in new orleans- what a cool place! it kindof reminded me of the french markets in paris, but with masquerade masks and no crepes. haha but i bought a masquerade mask! and a ton of the people that sell stuff there speak spanish so we got to talk to all of them which was sweet. you should see the looks on thewir faces when they realize a bunch of white kids speak spanish, priceless. and we also went to cafe du mond's its famous for benigts which are like funnel cakes minus the holes so its a big puffy triangle-so yummy! it was fun to be down there with the jazz music playing and to feel all the culture of louisiana! they sell SO many mardi gras beads. Oh also hermana walton borrowed a guitar from an elder and i learned how to play nearer my god to thee on it! woo! i hope i can learn some more things, guitar is so fun! i had a little extra time to learn it because hermana blauer wasn't feeling good so we stayed in, which as a missionary it is the worst thing ever to stay inside!!! but on the plus side i had a whole bunch of time to read the book of mormon and i might finish the whole thing by next week! world record lol.

On Tuesday last week we were on exchanges so hermana walton and i were on the bikes! it was awesome! right when we left the apartment it started raining haha- but we work rain or shine! We went to Mr/. Dave's house to do some more service! We threw away this whole mound of trash to realize that there was in fact a chair underneath the mound. i also cleared off his whole table and dusted so he could have a nice place to eat dinner! (i had to kill a few bugs in the process too :0)

wednesday afternoon/ night we got to go to girls camp!! i have a fewpictures. girls camp was outside of the mission boundaries so we got permission to go and when we got in the car we screamed"Were goin rogue!!" haha totally. we performed a song called "i am his daughter" for all of them before theirtestimony meeting outside by the fire :) it was so so fun to be back at girls camp! i love girls camp and it was pretty cool to be there as a missionary and to just remember how much i learned at girl's camp when i was younger. all the people at church on sunday were like "su cancion era muy bonita!" "that song you all sang was absolutely beautiful!" but that's because latin-americans are basically tone deaf :) lol   after camp we got to sleep at the sister missionaries house who live close to the camp because we wouldn't have madew it home in timefor curfew. sleepover!! these sisters live IN THE WOODS. like legit. and there are these bugs that sound like goats and they like to talk alllll night long haha! we slept on the wood floor so it was a brutal night but it was still fun. they had this bathroom we called the "harry potter bathroom" because it is literally a cupboard under the stairs. ill send a picture. then the nextmorning we went to hermana battle's house, she is our ward mission leaders wife and we did some servicein her backyard. we weeded and killed ant hills and then we set a whole bunch of things on fire! thats how wedo it in louisiana! she's pregnant  so she definitely needed help! 

also one ofour used-to-be lessactivesis going through the temple!! we are so excioted! and we getto go to which is amazing. 
oh good news!! Apparently visa's are flyin now so we might be leavin pretty soon! although we just committed ana y leah to be baptized june 29 so i dont want to leavebefore then!! if i miss my first baptism ill just die. haha it was amazing to commit her :)she is the best lady! she had us over for dinner last night (belize food) and her sister came over with husband and two kids. turns out her sister was baptized mormon when she was 14! but she had stopped going to church. anyway we started talking with all them and they are catholic but are having someserious doubts. she askedmefor a scripture that she  and asked for priesthood blessings.

okay i just wrotelike a ton more and the computer just shut down and aton of it deleted :( but here are the highlights:

friday we were on bikes again and my tire popped ! but we just walked and it wasall okay! minus the louisiana heat. when you bike you just sweat here lol. its a wonder people let us in. umm we also meta reallycool man from honduras! ill tell moreabout him later because i dont have much time. and that night i felt like we shouldnt rideour bikes home but we startedtoo and then the battery wentout on mygflashlight and then slicedmy finger really bad so we had to stop and get a bandaid and the hermanas picked us up. heavenly father really didnt want us to ride home! well thats all i have time for today! hope everyone is amaaazing! also i hear it from a source that my blog hasn't been updated since whats going on? thanks for all ofyour emails! and sdadly i think the mailman lost some things because my mailbox was very sad and very empty all week:( we decided were gonna put chocolate in there so when we open it we have a surprise haha. well i love you all and really miss you! take care and have a great week:)
hermana rohm aka claire!

Claire at Girls Camp

Claire in the Woods 

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