Monday, August 19, 2013

An Update from Claire in Argentina

Hello everyone!

Another crazy week has flown by in buenos aires! I'm so sorry that none of the pictures have been working, today we'll try again for round 3. that means none of you know what my companion, pench, the city or anything looks like!  ayy yi que mal! 
the theme for the week is teaching languages! My castellano is improving muchisimo! My goal for last week was to understand 70% of the things people say during lessons and i think i got just about that! And then we met Jorge. Jorge is like the smartest man in ituizango i swear! He loves to talk theories of every religion and is very passionate about everything he says haha he uses very dramatic gestures and is very intense. and he accepted a baptismal date! we'll see what happens with that. Also I started my own english class here! Every Sunday in the church from 6pm-7:30pm. It is so fun!! we have some of our favorite investigators in attendance, a few ward members, and  it was the first class so were gonna invite more people from the street to come! And unfortunately someone taught enrique how to say  Im stupid! so we had  a very interesting first lesson. haha im no perfect teacher.....lets just say the class can only get better lol. but everyone learned and we had fun! I'm excited to see what comes of the class. Also Ive been helping hermana goncalvez a lot with her english. she has this cd that she uses for language study and i was doing spanish in  the other room and i hear her repeating the words from her lessons and shes like "gangs, narcotics, drugs....., and i was like "what are you doing hermana gonclvez...? and she goes this is my english!!" hahha some strange program shes got there.

Ooohh I want to tell yo uabout the lunch we had yesterday!! Oh my! Hermana Lucero made us the most delicious things. She made this stuffed chicken i  dnot know what it was stuffed with but it was gooD! And homemade rolls, homemade meatballs, a carrot salad, and the best postre ever. it was like a pineapple (pinana) coconut creamcheese with dulce de leche! so yummy! something interesitng about argentina is they dont have like giant stores like target where you can stop in and buy everything yo uneed. for example this morning we went to a fruteria to buy fruit, a carneria to buy meat, a papeleria to buy papered goods haha its very taxing! but its fun to be in all the diffeent stores. oh and i bought NESQUICK!! the world is alright! haha. also in the stores you dont touch anything you tell them which fruits you want and they pick them out and give them to  you, learned that the hard way......¡no toque!! ahhh lo siento! haha

oh and the last story of the week, the casa de oswaldo. oh HOMBRE. remember dave the hoarder? well his house  x20 is oswaldo! oswaldo is a darling old man thats our investigator who cant walk very well so wewent to his house to do some service and clean for him. i think i killed 35 bugs in his kitchen!! fue loco! we cleaned for 2 hours and they house was still muy sucio (very dirty). seriously i dont think it had been cleaned in 5 years. we cleaned the floor and it looked like the sewer the water was so brown! but alas service with a smile :) and he was really so grateful!

well im going to try and send some photos. everyone let me know how youre doing! sorry i cant always respond to everyone on p-day our tim e is short! but  i love you all!! have the best week and know that somebody in argentina loves you! 
-hermana rohm

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