Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Week Two

Hi Everyone! Here is Claire's email from last week. We will hear from her again tomorrow. She is doing great and we keep joking that she is basically on a spiritual vacation eating good food, doing kickboxing classes and being cool. We love her and miss her and are so proud of here! Here is the update: 

Hola hola familia y amigas!

Como estan ustedes? I miss all of you & am so thankful for all of the dear elders/letters. it is so great to hear from everyone! i feel like ive been gone a long time...but then sometimes not a long time. time here really doesn't make any sense haha.Mi semana era muy fabulosa y mucho trabajo. Aprendemos mucho espanol y ensenamos sobre ocho lecciones solamente en espanol. 
Am I scaring you all yet with my vast knowledge of spanish?? haha oh my district leader literally just handed me your letter anne! thanks! and tell t-niels i really appreciate all of the jokes. tell him he is all right too, he'll know what i mean. haha.

So what has happened since last thursday......I'm just going to do it chronologically since there is so much in my brain right now!!

WE got up at 6am and did kickboxing which was great. there was only like 7 of us but we rocked it. how fun to be a workout instructor here! and then for our real gym time after that we did some abs  and laid on the yoga WE also got our spanish scriptures engraved with our names, Hermana Claire Rohm, so that was really cool! I feel pretty official now. And we set individual language goals, my goal is to learn 10 new phrases a day and try to use far so good! And mostly we just had a lot of class that day and taught our investigators. we got ours to agree to watch general conference which was quite the feat to do in spanish. The investigators aren't real but they NEVER BREAK character! If we say one word in english they're like "no comprendo." Sneaky sneaky.

SATURDAY & SUNDAY: GENERAL CONFERENCE! I think the only place better to watch general conference than the conference center is at the mtc. we all watched it in the big multi-purpose room with huge screens. All of the talks were amazing! I especially loved thomas monson's about obedience and the matches. He is so great at telling stories. I wish i had my other journal with me right now to write down all of my favorite things...i wrote like 8 pages of them. I also really loved Elaine S. Dalton's talk and I am so sad she is released!! Oh on Saturday night we got to watch the young women's broadcast (anne did you watch with your YW?) That was soooo incredible! President Uchtdorf's talk about everyone's different journeys in life was so great. I especially liked that he threw a lord of the rings reference into it. If you have time you should all go watch it on you will love it! In conclusion, conference was the coolest weekend here and i learned so much! Oh also on Sunday night the BYU vocal point acapella group came and performed for us!!! Pretty much the best thing i've ever seen. They sang I need thee every hour in acapella, loved it. I have most of their songs on itunes so when i heard they were performing i was stoked!! all  the members of the group served missions so they shared stories and testimonies in between each song which was cool. They were on the tv show "the sing-off" in 2011. And on sunday nights here we get to watch a movie, well a church film. So we watched 'legacy" about the pioneers. You know you're in the MTC when everyone is cheering after an on screen kiss. so funny. 

It snowed monday and has been raining the rest of the days!
I hate to generalize all those days but they are honestly all a blur in my head now. We spent a lot of time in class and learned a ton! We also got 2 new fake investigators so we are busy teaching them! They are actually our teachers pretending to be investogators, but they are the best actors, you forget they are your teachers. Our two roomates who were going to las vegas left on monday :( the southern one and the hawaiian one. which was sad but we got two new roomates yesterday who will be going on their missions to north carolina! they seem really nice, and they seem weirded out by us because we were pretty crazy last night haha. 
Some days here are really hard and you honestly wonder "how on earth am i going to be able to teach people in spanish??" and you are so tired because we get up so early and do not stop all day. plus my class is on the 5th floor....lots of stairs! but at the end of the day you feel good about all of it and you realize how important each day is here. or as an elder in my district would say, "at the end of the day, it's just the end of the day." haha. 

well that's all i have time for today, ill try and send a few pics! sounds like you are making an embarssing display of me on facebook ;) haha it's okay. im just so excited to be here and to be improving myself! and someone asked me what day i leave for argentina and the answer is may 6th! well if my visa comes in time. yesterday we met with the argentina consolate to sign a few boxes...which took 3 1/2 hours haha not sure why but anyway hopefully my visa comes in time. if not ill temporarily be assigned to somewhere in the states. that is happening to lots of missionaries because there are too many visas to get!! we will see. 
anyway love you all and miss you!! hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

hermana rohm 
ps im going to get my typhoid shot right now. yayyyyy

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